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We have an expansive selection of grasses, bamboo, alpines, climbers, ferns, fern trees, and bulbs. 


We have over 30 varieties of grasses available in 3L, 6.5L and 11L all grown by our own team of specialist growers. 


Clusters of bamboo canes can be very effective at providing form and texture in the garden. We have a superb range of bamboos, including Phylasacus and Fargeesy from 1.5 – 8m tall.


Great for greening up, hard, tall spaces, we have a full range of evergreen and deciduous climbers, flower or self-clinging, from 1m – 6m.


Ferns add lush softness to any space and are highly versatile. We proudly offer the largest selection of ferns and tree-ferns in Ireland.  We grow 26 varieties of ferns in 2L and 5L sizes and have numerous fully frawned tree ferns from 1 foot – 8 foot.


Hardy plants suitable for harsh conditions, alpines are fast growing and great for areas with shallow or poor soil – from green rooftops to shady rock-beds.


Available in bulk in the autumn season.