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We have hedging to suit the planting season, your aesthetic desires and functional needs.

UNIQUE SOLITAIRE SPECIMENS  – Create an instant formal hedge of up to 5m with either deciduous or evergreen one-of-a-kind, hand-picked pieces to block even the most unsightly views.  We can facilitate a year round supply if reserved in the autumn/winter periods.

BAREROOT – Available for planting from October to February, we offer quick and competitive turnaround of large volumes of a variety of bareroot hedging. 

ROOTBALL – available from October to March, our comprehensive range of rootball hedging, both deciduous and evergreen, range from 0.8m – 4m plus.  They are professionally grown and transplanted to  ensure a fiberous root system. 

INSTANT HEDGING ELEMENTSavailable all year in  sizes ranging from 1.8m – 3m . Our varieties of instant hedging elements include, holly, portugeuese laurel, cherry laurel, beech, hornbeam, purple beach, taxus, yew and red robin and selection of more compact, fine leaf laurels.  These blocks are precisely cut by our partner nursery using the latest GPS technology for quality and uniformity.

CONTAINERISED – available all year in various varieties and sizes ranging from .8m – 4m. 

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