Meet Our Nurseries

Our plants are grown across four nursery sites comprising c. 45 acres. They are hand-selected for fabulous projects all over Ireland and beyond: from courtyard gardens, country estates, show gardens, golf courses, housing developments, cityscapes to parklands.


the HQ

Ballyphilip, Kilcoole is our HQ and center for sales.  We have a wide range of stock on offer here and also showcase the breadth of stock available across our nursery sites.  It serves as our cash and carry and collection site.



The HQ is also the growing site for a lot of our perennial production. We pride ourselves on having the best range of perennials in the country – from premium crops of popular, sought after varieties to unique, less commercially produced ones.


Unique, climatic advantages make for strong crops that are brought on naturally and ready for the earliest possible spring planting. 

Wholesale customers are always welcome to pick their own orders for delivery, hand-tag specific plants for upcoming projects, or just wander this nursery to gain inspiration. Wholesale customers can bring their own clients, however, this will only be facilitated on an appointment basis and trade customers must accompany their clients.


For large growth trees

We love growing specimens and it is a major part of our business. Conveniently located in County Wicklow, our exclusive specimen tree nursery was built specifically in a hollow to offer the most environmental protection possible for the large trees growing there. Here we showcase a selection of the finest, unique, standalone trees that are quite simply pieces of living art.



Our thoughtfully curated selection of premium evergreen and deciduous trees is vast and everchanging with the youngest stock being c. 25 years old.  Gnarled, showy, gigantic and quirky specimen are carefully displayed to showcase their individual structure, stature and charm. We have numerous sizes of shaped and natural formed trees available for any kind of project.

"Wow, I didn't think that was possible"
Customers often comment when they see the scale and species of trees on show which are available all year around.


For production

Container and specimen production occurs here, where the ‘best’ of our Irish weather makes for strong, acclimatized, full-bodied trees and shrubs ready for planting.

We’ve invested heavily in production technology at this site for quick potting and quality, uniform plant production to ensure a constant flow of supply.

Naas Nursery - Gardenworld Nurseries


For in-ground growing

This 32 acre site has been used for the in-ground growing of hedging and trees since 2013. 

Here we are continuously planting trees and hedging for the short, medium and long-term future.


We lift, pot and air-pot during the dormant season which enables us to offer specimen hedging and trees all year round from our Hollows and Ballyphilip Nursery sites  (i.e. without the usual seasonal breaks in supply). This site is affectionately known as the ‘field of dreams’ as plans to further develop it are currently in the pipeline.

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